Wednesday, November 30, 2011

List of Submission 11/30/2011

ASAP.- As some always perceive

ASS -  Acronymic Speaker Studio

BLOG- Basically living on google

CCMW- Cards coming my way

CBT-  Casino bet trick

DAB-  Dead ass broke

DIGG- Don't Ignore Genuine Genius

HNIC-  Head National Internet Coordinator

IGR- I got rivered

JSHIT-  Judicial stealthy injustice tactic

MPG-  Minor poker game

MOM- Money On Mayweather  or Money on Money

MPH-  My pot holla!

NBA-  Nothing but Acronyms

OPA- Other Peoples Acronyms

SSL-  Show some love

Join in the fun, create your own, trust me I can see it coming. People don't talk anymore, its all tweets and text's so here a list I've started. Submit yours at the email address below. Check out the rules below and help me get this off the ground.

Here are a few that OGGO was able to come up with to get things started.  I'm working on the site but get those submission to me @ 

Thanks for stopping by, HAGFND

That's have a great [FN] day! OGGO

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Welcome to:

Acronymically Speaking 101

My Internet Stage Showcasing Inventive Oratory Nothings.  Experience has shown me that there is a huge clamor on the worldwide web for nothing. I wanted in, I got in. I built it but no one came, and when they did it was at a trickle rate.

So, how does an OG, (Original Gangster, as some would call me just do to my age) "G-O", (some already know me as GamingOracle) get in with all the young-bucks, Twitter-Thugs, Tweeple, Followers, those in the Circle, Stumbler's and Technorati?  Well I "Reddit" went there done that.  Stumbled Upon those stumbling upon, and found that this young crowd as we "ole heads" call them are just surfing.  I took that as just going around in the water, as I come to know of the phrase "surfing the web."

When the "ole heads" just go around in the water we call it "fishing."  And like the saying goes a good day at fishing is…  But what happens on the web if you don't get a nibble.  Well as it turns out it winds up being wasted "chum".  I grew up in a time when "I can dig it, she can dig, we can dig it, can you dig it baby."  What happened.  Now a days to get some play, you have to get people digging on you first.

There's other options like developing a following, being in the circle and I think the right phrase is catching a virus.  Or is it going viral, what do I know, again,  I'm from an era where if there was talk of going somewhere, it was to the store or going postal or something like that.   At any rate lets get back to this idea I had.  "Acronymically Speaking 101."

You will always hear people say there is no honor amongst thieves.  There is a different take on this phrase and I suggest to you that there is no honor in thieving.  So, I'm not going to worry myself about some more advance, computer savvy, "idea-jacker" lets say, that jumps on the band wagon.  I just ask you to stay in my class.  That class being "Acronymically Speaking 101."

Yes, I'll be setting some rules for this class or blog, that will change as we go along.  I will further ask for your patience, help and input.   If a "Bad Girl" can run L.A.  damn-it I can run this blog.  The reason I won't worry like I stated above is, I think I'm first.  Corporate dude in the movie "Margin Call" said, "be first, be smarter, or cheat," or something to that effect.  "Jackers" are cheaters, don't hate participate.

Rule #1. Know what an acronym is.  Merriam-Webster's 11th Collegiate Dictionary defines, acronym: "a word (as NATO, radar, or snafu) formed from the initial letters of letters of each of the successive parts of major parts of a compound term; also: an abbreviation (as FBI) formed from initial letters: Initialism.
  1. Until further notice there shall be two forms of submissions to Acronymically Speaking 101, a/k/a  AS101byOGGO's. The two forms being:
    1. An Acronym
    2. An Initialism
Example: This blogs mission statement,

Rule #2. This is OGGO's blogAs the format will confirm "OGGO" grades and determines who make his list.  There may come a time when "Deans" of different classes of study may be formed and said "Deans" may be assigned the task of determining who makes the grade for this class, thereby passing along said submission to "OGGO". Think of it in terms of "authority" to be listed goes up like climbing a mountain. Those that make the grade or pass the test meet the maker or "blog master" OGGO. (Couldn't resist throwing that in seeing as every one loves a "web master, game master, whatever," now I got it in there.

Rule #3. All Submissions are personal request's. By submitting a request for consideration for placement on AS101byOGGO's List of Submissions, you understand that there is no right to being placed on the list.  

Rule #4. Until further notice, all submission requests shall be  e-mailed to Please if you want public credit for your submission add your name and ask me to include it upon it making the grade and being listed.  You can use your real name, nick-name, initials, handle, URL, or any social network username or other equivalent you want.   All those under the age of thirteen agree not to make any request or submission to the e-mail address provided as OGGO, don't won't no problems.  If you're under thirteen get mom or dad to make you request and said request received as being from a parent are taken with that faith.  I want this to be a safe, fun, clean place to get a laugh, be uplifted, motivated, enlightened or kill time while on a plane, train, bus, boat or back seat of an automobile.  Hint-Hint, Don't Acronym and Drive.

You may suggest any other rule you think helps this community, OGGO is open to suggestion.

Wow I said all that!  Let's get started by me giving you a few examples to follow and get the ball rolling:

Example 1
My mission statement above could be presented:
My Internet Stage Showcasing Inventive Oratory Nothings

Or, I could have as above: 

Example 2
Example of keeping it clean but coming close to stepping out of line would be if the blog blows up people may start to see rappers jacking from the:


or,  if someone thinks what you said was lame they may say that was A.S.S. as in:
 Acronymic Spontaneous Suggestion

You may want to send a suggestive love note of the like:
Thinking of you                         
In the morning and                    
Till I see you later
Don't you know that
Instead of
Calling me all the time I wish you
Kick the bucket

Example 3  You may want to do something on a word or acronym we already know like:
OGGO is starting to think that blog stands for:


We all know that some where there's a brother out there working for some big .com that call's himself the:

Now that I've given you a few examples and taken up some of your time I'll close this first post. Please remember to keep it clean, un-offensive, and fun.  Who knows you may find yourself at the top of the list. So I'll kick-back and await you e-mails to:

Thank you,
OG, Gaming Oracle