Wednesday, November 30, 2011

List of Submission 11/30/2011

ASAP.- As some always perceive

ASS -  Acronymic Speaker Studio

BLOG- Basically living on google

CCMW- Cards coming my way

CBT-  Casino bet trick

DAB-  Dead ass broke

DIGG- Don't Ignore Genuine Genius

HNIC-  Head National Internet Coordinator

IGR- I got rivered

JSHIT-  Judicial stealthy injustice tactic

MPG-  Minor poker game

MOM- Money On Mayweather  or Money on Money

MPH-  My pot holla!

NBA-  Nothing but Acronyms

OPA- Other Peoples Acronyms

SSL-  Show some love

Join in the fun, create your own, trust me I can see it coming. People don't talk anymore, its all tweets and text's so here a list I've started. Submit yours at the email address below. Check out the rules below and help me get this off the ground.

Here are a few that OGGO was able to come up with to get things started.  I'm working on the site but get those submission to me @ 

Thanks for stopping by, HAGFND

That's have a great [FN] day! OGGO

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