Saturday, December 10, 2011

Always In A Rush?

Do you find yourself in a rush and the phone keeps ringing, someone is tweeting, or you got mail" keeps flashing. Quick solution, hit everyone with "HBL or TML." 

Holla Back Later or Tweet Me Later, either way they will know you're busy.  If they subscribe to Acronymically Speaking 101 of course.

The List as of December 10, 2011
ASAP.- As some always perceive
ASS -  Acronymic Speaker Studio
BLOG- Basically living on google
CCMW- Cards coming my way
CBT-  Casino bet trick
DAB-  Dead ass broke
DIGG- Don't Ignore Genuine Genius
GLAB-  Go Lose At Blackjack
HBCU- Historically Black College/University
HBL-  Holla Back Later
HNIC-  Head National Internet Coordinator
HMM-  Human Making Mistake or Human Made Mistake
HUWM-  Hold Up Wait Minute
IGR- I got rivered
JSHIT-  Judicial stealthy injustice tactic
MPG-  Minor poker game
MOM- Money On Mayweather  or Money on Money
MPH-  My pot holla!
NBA-  Nothing but Acronyms
OPA- Other Peoples Acronyms
SSL-  Show some love
SYS-  See for Your Self
TML-  Tweet Me Later

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