Monday, December 5, 2011

The Kiss of Death at a Poker Table is?

Yesterday Oggo learned that the kiss of death at a poker table may be telling another player that just lost a pot to you to "Go Lose At Blackjack".  Why because in the end the one making the statement caught the bad beat as told at "Flop to a Bad Beating at Atlantic City Casino."

The List as of December 5, 2011

ASAP.- As some always perceive

ASS -  Acronymic Speaker Studio

BLOG- Basically living on google

CCMW- Cards coming my way

CBT-  Casino bet trick

DAB-  Dead ass broke

DIGG- Don't Ignore Genuine Genius

GLAB-  Go Lose At Blackjack

HBCU- Historically Black College/University

HNIC-  Head National Internet Coordinator

HMM-  Human Making Mistake or Human Made Mistake

HUWM-  Hold Up Wait Minute

IGR- I got rivered

JSHIT-  Judicial stealthy injustice tactic

MPG-  Minor poker game

MOM- Money On Mayweather  or Money on Money

MPH-  My pot holla!

NBA-  Nothing but Acronyms

OPA- Other Peoples Acronyms

SSL-  Show some love

SYS-  See for Your Self

TOBS- Truth of Bull Shit

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