Sunday, December 4, 2011

The List as of December 4, 2011

For those that don't know Oggo is the "OG" Gaming Oracle. Not as in running game, but of thecasinogamingoracle fame.  I'd like to invite those of you following me on this blog to partake in that blog as well.  I fell off due to some events taking place in that case. Like "B.I.G" I got a story to tell, and live u know what will respect it. Let me handle some things but check me out first thing monday A.M.  Till... here's one new edition. Whats up no one's send in requests? Holla at

The List as of December 4, 2011

AHOLE- Asinine Hubristic Orator Lacking Enlightenment or Anti-American Hubristic Orator Lacking Ethics

ASAP.- As some always perceive

ASS -  Acronymic Speaker Studio

BLOG- Basically living on google

CCMW- Cards coming my way

CBT-  Casino bet trick

DAB-  Dead ass broke

DIGG- Don't Ignore Genuine Genius

HBCU- Historically Black College/University

HNIC-  Head National Internet Coordinator

HMM-  Human Making Mistake or Human Made Mistake

HUWM-  Hold Up Wait Minute

IGR- I got rivered

JSHIT-  Judicial stealthy injustice tactic

MPG-  Minor poker game

MOM- Money On Mayweather  or Money on Money

MPH-  My pot holla!

NBA-  Nothing but Acronyms

OPA- Other Peoples Acronyms

SSL-  Show some love

SYS-  See for Your Self

TOBS- Truth of Bull Shit

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